bitcoin buy.Bitkins can not be felt, twisted in a tube, they can not be transmitted to a minibus. This is virtual money. Unlike money on a bank card, the account of bitins is carried out in blockade. Itís something like bookkeeping. They can be settled on the Internet, only the transaction will be displayed immediately on all computers that serve the network of bitches. This means that anyone can see the operation. You can buy bitcoin under a pseudonym. But this does not mean that the purchase will be anonymous. Remember, if Bitcoin suddenly collapses, nobody will help. This is the area of personal responsibility - what to buy, where and how to spend. Bitters are digital gold rather than virtual currency. The developers of other cryptic currencies have come up with special mechanisms (for example, InstantSend in Dash). With them, the transactions take a few seconds. There are no such mechanisms in the bitches. It is important to read the info on the site of exchangers. They warn that they are not responsible for the speed of the operation - everything depends on third parties, that is, the work of the servers. 73868
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